Podcast # 18 - COVID Vaccines - Are You an Experiment?

by Dr. James ODell

About Dr. James Odell, ND, OMD, L.A.c

Dr. James Odell is the Executive and Medical Director of the Bioregulatory Medicine Institute. He has been practicing bioregulatory medicine in the United States for over three decades. Dr. Odell graduated with a doctorate in naturopathy in 1980 from US International University, and thereafter completed a three-year post-doctoral program in traditional Chinese medicine at Shantou University Medical College in Shantou, China. Upon returning from China, he completed several internships in European bioregulatory medicine at the Paracelsus Klinik, Switzerland. Dr. Odell is licensed in acupuncture in Kentucky, Colorado, South Carolina, and Utah. He is the author of a comprehensive text on Breast Cancer entitled Breast Cancer the Rest of the Story. 

My Message…

It is essential to have different narratives in science and medicine.

Dr. James Odell

Episode Highlights with James Odell, ND, OMD, L.Ac.

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are not a vaccines at all! (They do not meet the definition of a vaccine.)

  • Historically a vaccine are composed of a protein (a virus or bacteria)

    • These products use synthetic pathogens: Genetic engineering of a device

    • DNA creates RNA –  RNA creates a protein whereas messenger RNA (mRNA) goes inside cells and initiates ribosomes to create proteins

      • This is an experimental synthetic protein never used before on humans

        • skipped over human trials (usually there is a phase 1, 2 and 3 human trials)

        • These were brief and Pfizer Combined phase 2 and 3 trials together:

        • Fast tracked – not sure when we will know the long-term effects, or even the short-term

        • These two vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer) use mRNA – hundreds of new vaccines in the pipeline

      • This uses mRNA enveloped in lipids to bypass the normal mechanisms with PEG (polyethelene glycol) added

        • As many as 80% of people have a sensitivity to PEG – this is significant long-term

    • Not knowing long term effects: sterility, etc.

      • Have we become the live animal studies?

  • Do these vaccines actually contain the COVID virus?

    • It does contain a spike protein associated with a coronavirus

      • Produced in a proprietary and secretive way

  •  Fear of changing the DNA from the vaccines?

    • :mRNA enters the ribosome not the nucleus, however it does influence the cell in which could create the potential to change the DNA

      • mRNA has been shown to cause cancers

      • you cannot remove it or undo it. It is genetic engineering.

  • What claims does the vaccine provide?  

    • Still have to social distance and wear a mask

    • Theoretically if all goes well, the thought is that antibodies can be created

    • Unsure if these might shed as some vaccines do

  • Why use this type of vaccine? What is the history?

    • Very inexpensive and easier to make than conventional vaccines

      • Coronavirus vaccines have been attempted before

        • 2002 to 2004 was the first called SARS Coronavirus 1

        • Panned itself our becoming less virulent

          • tried to create coronavirus vaccines – they started with mice – yet when exposed to the virus later most had antibody dependent enhancement (ADE), which is disease enhancement or pathogenic priming

          • scientists have known of ADE since the 1960’s

          • Multiple animals tested, all developed auto-immune disease. (This is why animal testing is important)

    • In comparison this current treatment had brief primate study yet not tested for ADE

      • Could have checked for interleukin-5 which is an indicator of pathogenic priming

      • No autopsies done to check for ADE

      • Unsure if ADE will occur

      • It has been shown that those who have taken a flu vaccine before being exposed to a coronavirus have increased ADE (as shown in China and Italy where Influenza vaccine uptake happened resulting in a large amount of deaths)

    • This treatment may be safe or may not, it is like playing Russian roulette with the immune system

      • If someone becomes ill after this they could test for Eosinophil’s and interlueken-5 to see if there is an increase

      • Can test for PEG sensitivity

        • Done by allergist

    • PEG may cause pathogenic priming itself through leaky gut (the gut becomes permeable and proteins get into the blood system causing an over-reaction when the protein is introduced

  • What about pregnant or nursing woman?

    • No clinical trials done

    • The outcome is unknown

    • One woman reportedly became pregnant during the study – too early to tell

    • Now pregnant and nursing woman are being given the vaccine

  • Can it cause infertility?

    • There is a known protein called syncytin-1 which is a component of placenta and fetal development

      • Very similar in makeup to this pathogen

    • In 2005 syncytin-1 was made synthetically to see if this could be used as a contraceptive

      • Discounted by fact-finders as “unlikely or doubtful” which is not re-assuring

  • What happens if there is a reaction?

    • Vaccines do not have liability since 1986

      • Vaccine injuries go through a vaccine court which is not usually in favor of the claimant

    • These emergency use ‘vaccines’ have gone through the Prep Act

    • Reporting through (VAERS) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

      • So far 50x more adverse reports than the flu vaccine

      • Several serious deaths and injuries world- wide

      • Only 1% of adverse events get reported to VAERS

        • These are often the ones that happen within a short duration of receiving the jab

      • Pathogenic priming can happen later and may not be associated with the vaccine

        • A large amount of the population already has auto-immune disease

        • Look at the benefits and risks and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH

  • What is the risk of COVID-19?​

    • Overall greater than a 99% survivability to COVID-19

    • Greater risk in the elderly and with co-morbidities to other diseases

      • The vulnerable have always had a higher death rate to colds and flus.

    • Some people test positive for COVID without symptoms and some are ‘long-haulers’ who have symptoms for months. Can be helped with bioregulatory medicine​

    • If you are at greater risk is this the experiment you want to be a part of? 

      • Pfizer has paid out 4 trillion in lawsuits since 2000​

      • Lots of fear and censorship have surrounded COVID-19

      • People celebrating on media platforms getting this treatment -why?

    • Who is at greater risk?​

      • Those deficient in Vitamin D​

      • Metabolically inflexible

      • Overweight

      • Change your high risk profile!

  • What are people not hearing?​

    • It is essential to have different narratives in science and medicine!​

      • We are no longer able to discuss in a scientific and rational way​

        • Censorship and deplatforming those who speak out ​

        • If other treatments showed promise early on than the emergency use of these new ‘vaccines’ may not have been approved

    • Many early treatments such as hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin showed promise

    • Vitamins C & D, zinc, probiotics, quercitin, etc. may enhance the terrain

      • Thymus peptides, andrographis, lymphatic system health​

  • What have been the effects of lockdowns and masks?​

    • There has been economic and psycho emotional detriment​

      • Fear lowers immunity

  • Use this time as an opportunity to look at where you have not been taking care of yourself and make positive changes.​


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