Our environment grows increasingly toxic every day – toxins are simply everywhere – in our food, water, air, clothes and cleaning products.  80,000 man-made chemicals have invaded our planet; not to mention electromagnetic pollution and the psycho-emotional stresses of modern society. In short, our bodies face an unprecedented toxic burden.

​ With new challenges, come new paradigms.

​     Just as “conventional” medicine stepped to the plate to help battle infectious disease, so now bioregulatory medicine is leading the charge with chronic illness – including cancer, diabetes, and autism – all of which have reached epidemic proportions.

Bioregulatory medicine looks to both “traditional” medical systems (e.g., Asian medicine and Ayurvedic medicine), as well as to  innovative, cutting-edge technologies being advanced today. It is with great respect for evidence-based knowledge that we seek to offer solutions to our modern problems.  




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