For over half a century, Baden-Baden, Germany (a town long renowned for the healing powers of its two ancient baths) has been host to “Medicine Week” – Europe’s largest and oldest conference on bioregulatory medicine.

While at the 51st (2017), 52nd (2018), and 53rd (2019) “Medizinische Woche”, BRMI spoke with many doctors, practitioners, inventors, and exhibitors – many of whom were kind enough to demo their latest therapeutic and diagnostic bioregulatory medicine devices for us.

We share our Baden-Baden footage with you below.





 Click Below for a Video Sampling of Exhibitors…

BRMI visits with BIOBEE

Singlet Oxygen Therapy: BRMI Visits With AIRNERGY

Magnetic Wave Therapy: BRMI Visits With Tera Force

"We Love Plants": BRMI Visits With Ceres Heilmittel

Vibrational Sound & Light Therapy: BRMI Visits With Gracent

Sacred Geometry: Zervana Holograms

Protecting ourselves from 5G: Dieter Jossner on his latest Medical Electronics Devices (2019)

Photon Energy and Light Noise Detection: a Demonstration of Medical Electronics' Latest Devices

"Electrosmog" Protection: BRMI Visits With Biovitronic

Laser therapy: BRMI visits with Laserneedle GmbH

Colon Hydrotherapy: BRMI visits with Eich-Colon

Homeopathic Remedies Technology - BRMI visits with Homöoprint

Relaxation Therapy: BRMI Visits With lounge8

Mycotherapy: BRMI Visits with Hifas da Terra

"Awakening the power of the cells" - BRMI Visits With Dr. Theurer, CEO of vitOrgan

Pulsating Cupping Therapy: BRMI Visits With HeVaTech

Energy Therapy: BRMI visits with Dieter Jossner of Medical Electronics GmbH

Whole-Body Hyperthermia: BRMI Visits With von Ardenne Institut

BRMI visits with Lüscher Color Diagnostic

Plant Medicine: BRMI visits with Swiss company Ceres Heilmittel AG

Crystal Energy: BRMI visits with Medica Health International

Swiss Biological Medicine Academy: BRMI Visits With Terry Cotter

Protecting ourselves from 5G: Dieter Jossner on his Latest Medical Electronics devices

Activated Oxygen Therapeutics: BRMI visits with Air+ S.O.E.

Magnetic Field Therapy: BRMI visits with AMS - Advanced Medical Systems

Relaxation Technology: BRMI Visits With BrainLight GmbH

Supplements: BRMI Visits With Cellfood

Herbal Remedies: BRMI Visits With Gutsmiedl Hildegard von Bingen Produkte

Pulsating Cupping Therapy - BRMI Visits With HeVaTech

Crystal Light Therapy - BRMI visits with Medica Health, maker of Theragem Crystal Light Technology

Neutralizing EMFs: BRMI Visits With Memon Bionic Instruments GmbH

Sound Therapy: BRMI Visits With

Purified Water: BRMI Visits With PI®-Technology

BRMI (Bioregulatory Medicine Institute)

Click Below for our Interviews With Doctors…

Breast Cancer: The Rest of The Story by Dr. James Odell

Dr. Thomas Rau: “If you treat differently, you have to think differently.”

Dr. Ralf Oettmeier, President of IGIMP, on the key to solving modern disease

Dr. Josef Vizkelety - the importance of dentistry in whole-body medicine

Wolfgang Haas on Bioregulatory Medicine and

BRMI speaks with Dr. Antonio Jimenez, CMO & Founder of Hope4Cancer Institute

The Importance of Reuniting Medicine & Dentistry - Dr. Gerry Curatola on the BioMed Center NE

Dr. Ralf Oettmeier on bioregulatory medicine and his Alpstein Clinic in Gais, Switzerland

BRMI speaks with Dr. Thomas Rau of the Swiss Biological Medicine Center

Dr. Ralf Oettmeier, Chief Physician of the Alpstein Clinic in Gais, Switzerland

BRMI speaks with Dr. Ralf Oettmeier, Head Physician of the Alpstein Clinic in Gais, Switzerland

BRMI speaks with Dr. Uwe Reuter, Medical Director & Chief Physician of "Klinik im LEBEN" in Germany

And Below for a Sampling of our BRMI Lectures…

Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen on Heart Rate Variability and its Translation into Sound and Color-Light

Dr. Karim Dhanani on Using Genomics to Address Complex Cases

The Utilization of Mistletoe with Your Cancer Patients

Why Regulat is one of the most commonly prescribed supplements in Germany

Lüscher Color Test: An Introduction to the Psychology of Color

BRMI (Bioregulatory Medicine Institute)